Nearly six in ten (56%) Facebook users who “like” brands on the social networking site say they are more likely to recommend a brand to friends after becoming a fan, compared with one-third (36%) of brand fans who say they’re not likely to do so, according to a study by Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey.

Below, additional findings from a study by Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey, which explores how Facebook users who are friends of brands interact with those brands on Facebook.

Buying Behaviors of Fans

More than one-half of brand fans say they’re more likely to buy products for many of the brands (16%) or a few of the brands (35%) they “like” on Facebook, compared with 41% who say they’re not likely to do so.

Interestingly, brand fans age 50+ are more likely than adults overall to buy more products for at least a few brands (44% vs. vs. 35%).

Brand Content

Facebook users clearly have their preferences on brand communications: 69% of brand fans say they want to hear from some brands more often than others, whereas 31% prefer to hear from all the brands they “like” with equal frequency.

Interestingly, 45% of brand fans say most of the content they receive “is the same.”

Interaction With Brands on Facebook

Most (77%) brand fans interact with brands via brand posts, newsfeeds, and offers posted by the brand, whereas 17% share experiences and news stories about the brand with other Facebook users and 13% create their own posts about the brand.

Reasons for “Liking” Brands

Most (58%) brand fans say they “like” a brand on the social site because they are a customer and nearly an equal proportion (57%) become a fan to receive discounts and promos.

Exclusivity is key for many people: 31% of brand fans “like” brands to gain access to exclusive content, while 31% do so to be the first to receive information about the brand.

Other key findings:

  • Only 15% of brand fans say they have “unliked” a brand, whereas 76% have never done so with fans under age 35 the most likely to “unlike” a brand, according to the study.
  • 78% of people who “like” brands on Facebook “like” fewer than 10 brands with roughly 33% liking 1-2 brands.

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