We are driven by a passion for creating value through the development of mutually beneficial relationships between brands. We believe in the power of brands, and in the mutual benefits that are unlocked when the right brands work together in the right way. We also believe that social media has created powerful new opportunities for partnership-oriented marketers to drive mutual business results more efficiently than ever…and that excites us!
An accomplished marketing executive, Jeff is best known for bringing like-minded brands together to create significant new business value. Jeff’s focus on integrated, digital and partnership marketing over the past two decades has led him to launch the first digital partnership marketing agency based on the simple belief that every brand is now a network.

Prior to launching BRANDFAN, Jeff was Vice President of Social Solutions at Fanscape (an Omnicom social media marketing agency), where he opened an office in New York and worked across a portfolio of brands including Frito-Lay, NBC/Universal, Blue Diamond Almonds, Starz Entertainment, A&E Networks, Gerber and others. Jeff is also the Founder and Owner of Performance Marketing Communications where, until recently, he focused on developing partnership marketing strategies, plans, programs and valuable results for brand marketers. Over the years, Jeff has also held several senior level agency positions in strategic planning, concept development and partnership marketing working with top marketers across a range of industries including packaged goods, food/beverage, retail, travel/hospitality, HBA, mobile, technology, sports and entertainment.

Jeff is recipient of several professional awards and is recognized as a leading industry expert. Jeff has a Marketing and Business Administration degree from the University of Maryland.